Summer Breeze 2015 Report

Summer Breeze was the last festival, among the most important metal meetings, that I have missed to visit. And, finally, I’ve caught the chance and I’ve visited this really huge and glorious metal meeting quite different comparing to other metal festivals in Germany. I mean Summer Breeze has its own specific so to say atmosphere.


This is very big venue but, yet somehow all the stages are close to each others in one way or another. So, one could easily walk from one to another stages just in the couple of minutes. In fact, Summer Breeze has two bigger stages, or main stages so to say, and one tent stage (it’s also very huge). And, there are one stages just for a small shows, newcomer bands. Also, metal market is indeed huge and diffrent somehow comparing to other festivals with much more extreme metal articles.

So, what we have a chance to seen at Summer Breeze 2016. Well, there were some indeed remarkable shows: Amorphis did their anniversary show Tales from the Thousand Lakes (they performed all the songs from this album just like they did two weeks ago at Wacken. it was indeed a spectacular performance), Kreator did a great assault of the greatest songs from their career (the stage was great, the sound was supreme so everything was set to have one of the best shows at the entire festival), Cradle of Filth has unleashed various tracks from their huge discography (including some dances with fire at the stage which was diffrent performance comapring to show at Wacken two weeks ago, too), Paradise Lost were indeed great as always with lots of great hits from their legendary opus (one hour of the most depressive, but yet very popular hits from various parts of their career including few songs from their latest effort as well, but also I have observed various shows from Belphegor, Marduk, Gloryhammer, Powerwolf, Nightwish, Sodom (really amazing show, although that there was still sun buring) and alike.

All in all, it was easy make a search on this festival. particularly you get all advantages since it’s in the same time bigger venue but, yet everything’s still close: stages, merchandise and alike. We are already looking forward to another festival in the near future so I really hope that one day.

  • Marko Miranović