Summer Breeze 2016 Bands

ABBATHABBATH send ice-cold blizzards ahead of them. Hailing from Bergen, the virtual capital of Norwegian black metal, the band can confidently be considered more than just the return of bandleader Abbath. The ex Immortal frontman gathered the best musicians to make his vision come to life. And this vision is the real thing, though it is obviously reminiscent of Olve Eikemo’s (aka Abbath Doom Occulta) musical past, but it is also a breath of fresh air and good for a few surprises. The opening track on the album, which was released at the beginning of 2016, is titled “To War” and makes it clear from the start that no prisoners will be taken. Armed with probably the most recognisable corpsepaint, elaborate riffs that make the songs become real anthems, and a devilish grin, Abbath will pay an unforgettable visit to SUMMER BREEZE with his band ABBATH.


ARCH ENEMY are stronger than ever. After overhauling their line-up, namely hiring Alissa White-Gluz on the mic and Jeff Loomis on guitar, the band led by Michael Amott still now how to summon storms through melodic death metal, even 20 years after their formation.
When you hear ARCH ENEMY playing the songs off the killer “War Eternal” album from the SUMMER BREEZE stage you will realize how melodic death metal is supposed to be pumped into the masses of relentlessly headbanging metalheads. At full power! Be it guitar duels with an ever increasing level of finesse and precision or Alissa’s delivery at the mic, it just rules! Don’t miss it!


If you only know the Dinkelsbühl region as a significant tourist destination because of its well-preserved medieval buildings, it seems to be a rarity in picturesque Franconia to see a Russian band that plays viking/pagan/folk metal. Bagpipes, flutes, shaleikas, ocarinas, balalaikas, jew’s harps, Russian language lyrics and, on top of that, everything a metal band needs, make ARKONA an exceptional band.
But SUMMER BREEZE makes all of this possible. When horns are raised, hair flies and battle cries resound, it becomes clear how “limitless” metal really is. Russia’s ARKONA prove all this and more. So get ready to do the kazachok! Nasdrovje!

Sweden’s GRAND MAGUS are on the highest possible level in heavy metal. They sing about classic topics such as death, heathendom and the power needed to deal with anything that gets in one’s way. Stockholm is sending a band to SUMMER BREEZE which will unleash a true riff storm, catchy as hell and with a high risk of addiction.
Their seventh studio album “Triumph And Power” once again showcases the band’s strengths. Always heavy as hell, a little portion doom here, a playful guitar solo there, until the double kicks and leaden riffs overrun everything and everyone. So mark this name on your personal running order, because if you miss GRAND MAGUS in Dinkelsbühl it’s your own fault.