SVARTTJERN Admiring Death

As a matter of fact you have a new record Dodsskrik so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?

From our perspective, it is our best work to date. Dødsskrik consists of 10 tracks and was written over a two-year period from 2013 to late 2015. We recorded “Dødsskrik” at various locations over a couple of months Dec – Feb 2016, mixed and mastered by Marius Strand in Strand Studio. On “Dødsskrik” we decided to record and do as much as possible of the production ourselves, to keep as much control as possible. This was necessary as we felt we needed a more organic and uglier/ darker aura than our previous releases due to the new material was different from our previous albums.


Please, also could you present the band Svarttjern to our readers since this is the very first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you.

Svarttjern is a Norwegian black metal band based in Oslo and formed as a two-man project back in 2003. Grimmdun and FjellNord joined the band later that same year making us able to do live shows. We have since then been an active studio, live and touring band. As of 2016 the band consists of HansFyrste – vocals, HaaN – Guitars, Fjellnord guitars, Maplhas – bass and Grimmdun – drummer.
Since the bands inception in 2003 we still have the same objectives as then. Creating and crafting black metal music, camaraderie and a creative/ artistic outlet for all the members.

How would you like to describe your style of playing? Tell us something about your influences as well.

Our style is difficult as artists to explain. You would probably get a better answer from someone outside the band. As for influences, I wish I could say the romantic answer in fjords and mountain, but I can`t. My inspiration and creative phases can come anywhere anytime. As for musical inspirations, the earlier Norwegian black metal scene has of course influences us, especially in our early years until we found “our” style and art.

Could you tell us something about previous full-lengths of Svarttjern?

Svarttjern has released so far 4 albums. The debut was “Misanthropic Path of Madness” released on Schwarzdorn Productions in 2009. “Towards The Ultimate” on Agonia Records in 2011 and Ultimatum Necrophilia in 2014 on NoiseArt Records. All different and unique in their own way and for the cleaver reader he or she can read the first 3 titles as one sentence. Before these releases, we have made two demos “Raped by Svarttjern” and “Blasphemic War” and one promo cd way back in our first years of the band.

Since this is your 4th record could you compare your new record with your previous releases?

That is a though question. In terms of playing and the overall structures, I would compare it to our debut. In addition, the way we wrote this album also resembles the “Misanthropic Path of madness” album. By this meaning more rehearsals and improvising the song structures. With that being said it is much more behind this album on a personal level than ever before. We have all matured a lot since 2009 and this reflects the new album. Being old enough to don`t care about dogmas and doctrines which in my opinion this genre is filled up with, makes us being able to do our write whatever we want.
All the members in Svarttjern have somewhat Introspection and we realize we will never be headlining Wacken or hellFest, and that is fine by us, we have nothing to prove to anyone, nor have we ever really had.

When it comes to Svarttjern do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?

Yes, we are an active live band and have a couple of shows lined up. Maryland DeathFest in the US in May and Party San open DE in August.

What is the next after Dodsskrik for the band?

Well, in addition to the live appearances mentioned above we will start riffing new material and hopefully the new album will result in some new live shows as well. Time will tell!

  •  Answers by HaaN