dahliamurderabysmalcdYou can spit on their name or call them posers as much as you like, but American purveyors of brutal melodeath The Black Dahlia Murder have reached the 7th full length with Abysmal showing no signs of being tired, which is quite an achievement regarding the fact that they exist for 14 years, tour relentlessly and recording the new albums quite regularly. Their previous album 2013’s Everblack was hailed among the fans as perhaps their best record so I guess that the guys felt some pressure to continue the story on the same quality level. But The Black Dahlia Murder did what they always do best – go in their usual laid back manner but in the same time gave birth to something very fierce but still mind numbingly catchy. Abysmal feels more urgent than ints predecessor which you will hear from the get go of the opening track Receipt – no wind & rain bullshit intros but they rather go straight for the throat with some great metal. The first half of Abysmal is all in this manner with their trademark exchange of infectuous melodies and violent rhythms, the mood that Abysmal spreads is just great and you will immediately fall into the net The Black Dahlia Murder is weaving here and simply engage in some traditional headbanging and fist pumping. The second half of the album feels a bit more varied with exchanging tempos and arrangements but the intensity simply do not let go – Abysmal clocks in mere 37 minutes which is just great length for one album of this kind in my opinion. Maybe the tracks will blend into one another at first due to their fast paced nature but repeated listenings will help you to dissect them further and fully permeate into the album’s core. I guess that all is clear by now: Abysmal is one more win in The Black Dahlia Murder’s book which proves time and time again why they are one of the best melodic death metal bands of today – not wimping out by any means but rather playing this music the way it should be played. And if you do not see this, well… Maybe you just don’t want to, your loss.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Srecko Sitic (8)