TMATNS-MetanoiaBundleI must admit that neofolk is not my forte but from time to time I like to immerse myself in the works of bands such as Tenhi, Wardruna, Hagalaz’ Runedance and the band we are talking about here, Hungarian masters of magical nature folk The Moon and the Nightspirit. Although the musical landscape is completely different, metalheads tend to enjoy neofolk scene since the ambience of music on display is very similar to metal worlds, both genres employ escapist and pro nature motifs to get their point across and few bands in neofolk field are better in this department than The Moon and the Nightspirit. Ever since 2003 this Hungarian duo has been telling the tales of beauty and Metanoia is their sixth album which perfectly continues the path taken by their previous albums. It should be said that the term Metanoia stands for the return to pure essence, path into the ultimate light and the music is there to support that state, only if you give to the album proper attention and let it sink into your psyche properly. The music is calm and melancholic, moving gently on its path but do not think that it is simplistic – deeper inspection reveals rich songs with lots of different instruments, but the thing is that the band entangles them discretely so that nothing would sound vulgar or out of place. The final picture is the most important in the world of The Moon and the Nightspirit and they religiously paint it with many different colors in their palette, they are all used beautifully so nothing disruts this magical world. Of course, the best way to experience Metanoia is to give all the attention to it and let it flow like a forest creek from the beginning till the very end. This album is in that regard similar to some good book or meditative trance, Metanoia is anyway removed far away from the modern world and easy come easy go values of it. You can try it easily even if you are not familiar with this scene, the overall atmosphere is close to majority of us – just if you give the music proper chance.

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)