Top List 2019


tribulationdownbelowcdTribulation Down Below (Century Media) I was little afraid how their latest album Down Below should sound but it is rightful sequel to their previous masterpiece The Children of the Night. Of course, the songs are slightly written in the different manner, but all in all, you could listen both album right in the same time. One more time the band has proved that they have the taste and the ideas for the perfect balance between calm and atmospheric pieces and more aggressive stuff. Tribulation owns a unique and original style placed somewhere between black and death metal and obvious (both musical and visual) influences from 70s. These horror-addicted Swedes are among my favorite newcomers, so to say.

6900742Visigoth Conqueror’s Oath (Metal Blade) definitely a very cool record, Already Visigoth’s debut album was a good one, but Conqueror’s Oath its even better record. Traditional heavy riffing, good melodies, tasteful yet traditional vocals are the true marks of Visigoth, one of the leading newcomers from US shores. Alongside with Eternal Champion this band is making their place with fresh, powerful, and yet familiar sound. Don’t get me wrong but I would go to Visigoth thousand times more than to be disposed by countless live attacks from Orden Ogan, Wisdom, Leaves Eyes or even worst…so, Visigoth are now also amongst my favorite newcomers.

a3083907648_101Summoning With Doom We Come (Napalm Records) It’s not the best ever record from Summoning, but With Doom We Come definitely has the quality and the atmosphere. I would say that it’s a musical sequel to their previous album Old Morning Dawn which was more dynamic and vivid, where each song had its own vibe and specific atmosphere. A newer record is less dynamic and calmer piece of work. In the very beginning it was even hard to make a difference between the songs. Anyway, as time has passed away, and as I have entered more in a brand new musical realms of Summoning, I have accepted their new stuff so now I think that With Doom We Come is another classy record in the collection of Summoning…

220px-Amorphis_-_Queen_of_Time_2018Amorphis Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast) A brand new offering from Amorphis sounds incredibly good, refreshing but also somehow nostalgic and magical, too. Well, after the back of Olli-Pekka Laine the circle starts to complete, so in a way now Amorphis sounds something that stands between Barren Earth and newer Amorphis so to say. So, the old core is there again with (good-old) Esa Holopainen, Olli-Pekka Laine and Tomi Kouivussari and one could truly hear that in the sound of their latest material. Each song is well-crafted jewel, each tune has its own magic! Truly remarkable. 

6869991Necrophobic Mark of the Necrogarm (Century Media) One more great record from Century Media Records this year. I have always kept one eye open for Necrophobic and their latest effort proved to be indeed a great offering, even a masterpiece in its own way. Brutal, aggressive, and yet melodic. If I need to describe it by one word it would be quality. So, if you like more aggressive stuff or some good-old stuff that would directly lead you into the glorious Sweden death/black scene from 90s Necrophobic latest offering is a perfect choice. If you are a lover of Sweden black/death don’t miss this stuff, you won’t regret! I would really like to see Necrophobic some live as soon as possible! I bet they’ll deliver a killer show.

  • Marko Miranovic