TRIAL (Swe) Motherless

5adde9a8922a1bfc8cf70494eb971477Here we have the latest signing of mighty Metal Blade and I can say that I am satisfied that they have acquired this band under their wing as is they have asked me for the opinion about who should be on their roster. Trial is Swedish heavy metal band that has turned many heads towards their direction based on strength of their first two albums, especially masterful 2015’s Vessel. Now they are returning with their third full length entitled Motherless and hopefully they will reach broader audience with the new label, although their music is not easy to market at all. Some naysayers have labeled Trial as mere Mercyful Fate copy, it is true that Trial is the name of famous King Diamond’s song and one can truly feel the touches of those genius hordes but there is so much more there is to this band. If I have to describe Trial to those uninitiated, I would say that they certainly possess some similarities to Mercyful fate, especially in high vocal delivery of Linus Johansson and in riffing department. Trial often employs serpentine song arrangements but still in the metal realm which reminds me of some more adventurous HM band of the 80s but on the other side they are not strangers to black metal blasting sections similar to Dissection which are there to sweeten the whole deal. Those elements were there before but on Motherless they are taken ever further and accentuated more, it is simply obvious that Trial are becoming better versed in their craft. Motherless begins in straight forward fashion but towards the end, album starts to take more twists and turns so the listener is left puzzled at the end of the last song Rebirth. All in all, this is one strong album from the rejuvenated Swedish heavy metal scene and this one will for sure strengthen further the name of this great band.

  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)
  • Metal Blade CD