VALHALORE By Moon and Stars

VALHALORE is a newcomer at the scene. They have just self-released their debut full-length Voyage Into Eternity. Their music style could be described as a sort of mixture between various well-known Finish acts like Ensiferum or Wintersun.


As a matter of fact you have a brand record called Voyage into Eternity so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?

Firstly thanks so much Marko and Metal Sound for having us for an interview! Voyage Into Eternity is a monumental collection of songs inspired by nature, mythology, the cosmos, and life. It presents a style of folk metal that we ourselves WANT to hear from a folk metal band. The music we play is exactly the kind of folk metal we would want to listen to ourselves – combining shredding guitars, Irish tin whistle, blasting drums, and catchy singing and screaming.

Please, also could you present the band Valhalore to our readers since this is the very first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you?

Certainly. Valhalore is an epic folk/Viking metal styled band. We are also a young band formed in Brisbane, Australia. We have been playing live shows since November 2015, released a 3-track EP, and last month in March, released our debut 10-track album Voyage Into Eternity.

It’s obvious that you have very melodic style of playing. How would you like to describe your style of playing? Tell us something about your influences as well.

I would describe it as music that can transport you to a different place and hopefully make you feel certain emotions, whether that is wanting to conquer the world or just feel good at home, we hope our music can make a difference to people and the way they feel. We are influenced by a lot of bands in the same genre/s as us such as Eluveitie, Wintersun, Amon Amarth, and a lot of independent fantasy composers as well such as Peter Crowley.

Do you plan to have official release for Voyage into Eternity? I don’t know is it only digital release or is there any CD out there?

We released Voyage Into Eternity on March 14 on this year digitally through iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Bandcamp and other outlets. We also sell physical copies of our album through our online webstore.

Do you have any favorite tracks when it comes to your debut full-length Voyage into Eternity?

Personally, all of the tracks have a lot of meaning to me. And each song has certain parts that are favourites of mine. But I am going to say Across the Frozen Ocean as this was the song that really worked wonders for us when we started as a band.

When it comes to Valhalore do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?

Yes we are! We have just finished our ‘Voyage Across Australia’ album tour which took place over March and early April. We plan to tour Australia again later in the year, and then hopefully get over to other countries by next year.

Who has done cover artwork for the debut record Voyage into Eternity? What would you like to present by it?

Justine Malcontento created the cover art for us. It presents exactly what we were hoping to achieve: to always aim for greater and beyond. This is symbolized through the ship sailing through space endlessly forever, and also by the album title ‘Voyage Into Eternity’.

Thank you so much for the interview! If you would like to hear more from and about our band, make sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can also find more information on our official website and online store:, Thanks again and hopefully we will be seeing you around the world soon!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic