VICIOUS RUMORS Concussion Protocol

Hello Geoff and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you doing these days?

I’m doing fine…been back in the states and preparing for our tour with Dirkschneider in autumn.


First of all, I would like to congratulate you on Concussion Protocol, an album which really kicked Vicious Rumors a bit! How are you satisfied with the album from this perspective?

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this album. I started the songwriting 1 1/2 years ago and now to hold this piece of metal in my hand is absolutely mind blowing!

I would say that Concussion Protocol is considerably faster and thrashier than its predecessor, how would you comment upon this statement? Was it a deliberate decision?

This time we did the writing as a team . We rented a house in the NL for 4 weeks to be together… no emailing parts!! Then Nick and Tilen came to California to record together!! Everything was so natural and easy this time and everybody influenced the sound of the album. All in all it took 8 month but it was definitely worth the wait.

The live feel of this album is really a feat in itself when one considers that Vicious Rumors is 37 years old band. What keeps your fire burning, Geoff?

It’s my personality. I never gave up and Vicious Rumors is my live. I founded the band in 1979 and since then I only want to write and record songs and be on tour. Which was also important are the fans…..they are loyal and they know that they always get a dose of heavy Metal from the Vicious Rumors camp.

I also must comment that you guys are churning releases very fast in the last few years, I guess that you want to strike the iron while it’s hot. How are you satisfied with Vicious Rumors position on metal scene today?

We are back exactly for the right time. A lot of the classic bands released their best albums for years, for example Metal Church, Death Angel or Armored Saint. The fans realize that they get from us the real deal…….US Metal at its best!

There are again some new faces in the band and now you have some European members, how do you manage to cooperate since you are American band?

Most of the time we use Skype but like I said both came to the USA so that we could write the album together. At first I thought it would be difficult but it turned out a smooth thing. This is one positive thing regarding the new digital world… 🙂

Nick Holleman is your new singer so tell us how are you satisfied with his work until now? I saw that people are comparing him to Carl Albert…

He is the missing link. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have him in the band. An awesome singer, great character and friend.

You have again some guests on the album so can you please present them and tell us how did you get to invite them on Concussion Protocol?

It’s Brad Gillis of Night Ranger and Steve Smyth who played in Testament and a lot of other bands. Both are old friends of mine for many years. We often meet and hang together so it was natural that both did some great guitar solos on the new album.

Concussion Protocol is sort of conceptual album so can you please tell us something about its lyrical content?

Not really a full concept album but it deals with all the negativity we have right now: the digital world, politicians, corruption, losses etc. Our world went crazy and that’s what the album is about.

It seems to me that in the last few years people are giving Vicious Rumors due credit, but how do you recall that 90s period that was a bit low for your band?

There was only one word at that time: Survival. We tried hard to release albums, been on tour and tried to get the band going. It was hard but we survived. And without that I’m not sure that I would be able to write an album like “Concussion Protocol”

On the other hand, can you try to remember the best and most important events in the life of Vicious Rumors?

The best ones are yet to come…. 🙂 Now seriously…the whole 80s and the two albums on Atlantic records with all the tours we did were awesome and I’m glad that I had them. But now more than 20 years later I have the same feeling again with our current album and the new album.

Are you perhaps planning to promote Concussion Protocol with some tours? You are famous for being true road dogs, that’s for sure!

The next big thing is our Europan tour in autumn were we play with Dirkschneider and do a lot of headline dates. I was always a fan of Accept and Udo invited us personally to do the tour. So it’s a great honor.

That would be all for this chat! I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best, your last message to Serbian readers…

Thanks so much for your loyalty and support…the ball is rolling again!!

  • Answers by Geoff Thorpe
  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic