VIRGIN STEELE The House Of Atreus – Act I & Act II

569248SPV continues the campaign of bringing the Virgin Steele classic albums back into the light with enhanced packaging, so the time has come for House of Atreus to relive its life once again. House of Atreus initially consisted of two parts which were recorded together, Act I was released in 1999 and Act II one year later. Those two albums consist of what many people see as the band’s best period, golden nineties’ epic heavy albums so to say along with Invictus and Marriage of Heaven and Hell. The House of Atreus is dealing with myths and legends of ancient Greece seen though the vision of David DeFeis and Edward Pursino, and I think that these albums are not considered classics without a reason – you just have to live though them to see for yourselves. The good chance to rectify your sins if you still haven’t heard them is coming now, as SPV is releasing lavish digipack with three CDs found therein. The content is made out of complete two albums in remastered version with Magick Fire Music EP from 2000 as a bonus. In this way the whole Atreus era is well rounded in one single release with upgraded sound, extra bonus is of course rich booklet filled with lyrics, pictures and liner notes from David DeFeis. I don’t know what one fan could wish for more from one release, as this edition has it all when it comes to Atreus period. Magnificently done job from SPV and I can just hope that those releases will have new life in this way as people into heavy metal should never forget about those great albums. Virgin Steele are maybe today not as good as back then, but the legacy remains forever and this killer re-release is the shining proof for my words!

  • SPV/Steamhammer
  • Slobodan Trifunovic