W.A.S.P. Golgotha

CDnWGNIWYAErs8II guess that you all know by now the story of Blackie Lawless, one of the most iconic personalities in metal ever. Blackie went fron enemy of all that is moral to Born Again Christian, someone who sang that he fucks like a beast is now creating albums with Biblical themes, the same person who has carried chainsaw between his legs and threw pieces of raw meat into the crowd is now praying on stage. Let’s be honest: should we judge art by personal beliefs of its creator? Well, I think that the answer in this case is positive. The thing with Blackie is that he was very opinionated man and vocal about his beliefs from the get go. He was always in your face with anything he had to say at the given moment so it is the case now, you have to take nowadays’ W.A.S.P. depending on your personal position towards Christianity and I must say that I do not enjoy this very much. I have no problem with W.A.S.P. being something more than diry band from the beginning, after all The Crimson Idol is maybe my favorite album from the band, but I do not enjoy overtly Christian themes in my metal, to say it lightly. Now let’s try to concentrate on the music itself, but Blackie is not shining on that field in the last period either as a couple of previous albums have been largely forgettable affairs. I am now happy to inform that Golgotha is far better than what Blackie has offered to us in the recent period, as if he is finding his songwriting chops again but let’s not get carried away too lightly – of course I am not talking about the old albums’ leves of quality, rather actually getting somewhere finally. The album kicks in with Scream and you will immediately notice that the band sounds energetic, especially Blackie is singing really fucking good, and first 3 songs off Golgotha are sounding just infectious with their vintage W.A.S.P. manirisms and catchy refrains. So just when you start to think that Golgotha might actually be something that we have hoped to hear from W.A.S.P. from a long time, the album takes a huge nosedive in quality with Miss You which is power ballad and I will tell you one thing – Hold On To My Heart this ain’t… far from it. When we have mentioned The Crimson Idol, I must draw one more parallel with it and point out perhaps the brightest moment off Golgotha: Slaves Of The New World Order is dead ringer to Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) and this is really the best track Blacke has written in ages, the whole band is on fire and old W.A.S.P. vibes are just shining throught. The rest of the album wallow in some average waters but probably the lowest point comes at the very end with the title track – another ballad with lyrics about Blackie’s newfound love for the Lord and “Jesus, I need you now”… sorry, I just don’t want my W.A.S.P. in this way. Perhaps the biggest problem that I have with the album is the fact that, save from above mentioned examples, majority of the music sounds just tame – I just cannot find the fire that permeated the old W.A.S.P. works even though Blackie believes strongly in this, maybe it’s beacuse of me but that’s just how I feel. I guess that it is nigh time for Mr. Steven Duren to change Blackie Lawless nickname into something more appropriate as it just does not sit well with today’s W.A.S.P. My final conclusion is that after all Golgotha is the best band’s work ever since 2002’s Dying For The World but that’s telling you more about the material in between than the actual Golgotha…

  • Napalm Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (6)