Wacken 2015 Report

Wacken 2015 was one of the best festivals in the following year. One thing is for sure this is the hugest metal meeting that happens each year at very small place in the northern part of Germany, closer to Hamburg. But, 2015 was a sort of special year since there were lots of uniques shows aside of regular ones. Also, there are lots of venues when it comes to Wacken so there are many concerts that are happening here and there. For example you have three very big stages so there are stages and venues like so-called Tent or Wet stage where many important acts also play. For example 2015 had the show of Samael where they have done the entire Ceremony of Opposites studio album from 1995, a record that turned put to be one of the most important issues for them. This was indeed spectacular show especially if you are follower and the fan of Samael.


Never the less one could find that you have three stages which are the most important ones at Wacken: black, true and party stage so to say. Ar the first day the most important shows has happened at the True Metal stage. The show of UDO (with the full orchestra), the concert of Rob Zobmie (I have to say that I have expected more to see from this man) and the show of Savatage and TSO which turned to be indeed a highlight of the evening and moreover the highlight of the entire festival. It was colder outside during the evening and the night-time but never the less it is quite usual for the Wacken night so if you are a newcomer please always take care when it comes to the night shows. But, since Savatage has appeared with their legendary songs it wasmore than pleased to listen to their songs once again live. I really hope that it will be their returning show and that one day or night we will be able to watch them again here or there.

When it comes to Friday it was very different since I have followed many diffrent bands and shows here there. Of course, there were many highlights of the day. The day has started with Ensiferum (standard show from these pagan metalheads), but also there were some more concerts during the day that were very important like the final or the last ever show of the band Falconer. it was a nice chance to say farewell to this Sweden based power metallers. Also, Stratovarious had their time at Party stage as well where they did their greatest hits during one hour. Also, we need not to forget Angra show that has started at the very beginning of the day (one fo the best concerts during the entire Friday set). Aside of power and traditional heavy metal bands there were black stage was also intensive one with the concerts from At the Gates and Opeth as well. But, yet the true highlight came around the midnight time when Running Wild has appeared at the stage. A sort of the returning show and the most important performance at Wacken 2015. It was not only music spectacle but also a journey though the entire Running Wild´s discograhpy. The band was just amazing and marvelous. Many of traditional heavy metal fans has gathered that night to hail and greet one of the most important bands of all time that has ever arrived from Germany. Also, on Friday In Flames and Dream Theater had their time on true metal stages. Some consider DT show as one of the best on the entire WOA 2015, but yet I have to admit that I have diffrent favorites. The same goes for In Flames I was more into this band some two decades ago when they have arrived with their could and old issues like The Jester Race or Whoracle.

Saturday was the final and the closing day at Wacken 2015 as always. There were some very important bands and the show that I needed to see. Amorphis has their time with the entire performance of their legendary album Tales from a Thousand Lakes. I do not need to mention that I have really enjoyed the show since I am a great fan and lover of Amorphis and their Tales period. It was a moment of history. Aisde of Amorphis Cradle of Filth also appeared around the midnight at the black stage. it was my second time that I was able to see COF at Wacken. I think that they have done better show at WOA 2012. But, never the less Dani and company have done the good job performing many songs from their latest full length Hammer of the Witches which is actually a marvelous effort. On true metal stage I have to add that I really have follow two shows Bloodbath have their show with Nick Holms from Paradise Lost on the vocals.


Quite a nice show it was. Lots of old school death metal lovers have followed the show. But, yet the true highlight of the evening was the show of Judas Priest where they delivered their best songs from their indeed important career. So, Rob Halford and company have one more time proved that still there are the best band at the stage when it comes to tradition heavy metal bands. Also, Powerwolf and Sabathon have their performances as well, both shows were quite amazing, but yet Sabathon has gathered so many fans as always.

So, Wacken 2015 was once again very intensive and above all standards great. It has proved to be one of the most important metal meetings ever with so many great shows and events. We are already attending to visit next Wacken and there is already some acts that are confirmed for the upcoming Wacken so stay tuned until the next time. Greeting from the holy Wacken ground!

  • Marko Miranovic