Wacken 2018

Well, it was indeed interesting year comparing to previous ones since there were a lot of different bands and the weather was definitely different from previous year, especially if you meant about the rain, we miss it during WOA 2018 in one way or another so we have even spent some time at the pool. When it comes to live performances exclusive high light to me where the shows of Dimmu Borgir and especially Helloween which happened the last night, but there were other shows as well like the Amoprhis one which turned out to be indeed cool. It clearly seems that they have risen up to be very serious band although their show was during the daylight. But, yet there were other bands too. All in all, if you have ever been at Wacken like we have been already countless times before you surly have a time to spent not only on show but also to sports and walk around like shopping and enjoying in some time spending with some of your friends.


Since its indeed g=hard to schedule to see all the bands performing here and there on different stages it was also quite a change for us to meet all of our hear appearing her and there on different stages since it seems that WOA has countless of a different stages. I hav eespeically enjoy the long-awaiting show of master Running Wild since the band has proved to be one of the most interesting, not only for this time, but also few years back when it was much, much colder. Judas Priest, Ghost, Nightwish and Children of Bodom have done indeed awesome and marvelous show, but still i find that the show of Amoprhis and Helloween was the best one, especially when it comes to my taste. Perhaps Ghost show was something extraordinary in one way or another. Bu tit deepens from a person to person as I guess correctly.


And, since I adore some more extreme metal acts and bands I was also gathering my force to see Enslaved, Watain, Belphegor, Samael, Wintersun and some other bands in this type o style elsewhere n various stages at Wacken since WOA has in total like 5 main stages in you count these two stages in Tent. I guess that there could be indeed some interesting show like in 2017 when there was indeed marvelous show of Twilight Force.


I do not need to add that we have such a great time not only enjoying the show of our favorite bands but also walking around and having some fun in various shows where you could find anytime to buy. I especially like and adore this Viking and medieval shop which is actually completely outside the Wacken regular village and train and I really enjoy to see that each house has those was flags and a like around. If i do need to some select some of my favorite shows in will be two shows for the final and last night Dimmu Borgir and Helloween. Especially it was the reunited show of Helloween after all these years so it was such a pleasure to witness it. All in all it was year another year that we have such a great time at Wacken as we have always like countless time before. And, well i could only say that I am already preparing for the next Wacken a sort of celebration it will be especially when I have heard that Demons and Wizards will have their show alongside with many other great acts.