Below are the winners of the first round of our #mybrutalassault contest, congratulations! And here comes the second round, this time You can win 5 free festival passes! The rules are the same as the last time. Five randomly selected people, who will share their line-up poster with the ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ hashtag on facebook, will receive free festival pass. The pass is to be picked up at the festival on Your ID card. Beware, the post must be set as “public” otherwise we won’t be able to see it so it couldn’t enter the draw. Otherwise it’s pretty simple, just share Your line-up poster on Your timeline or set it as Your cover photo and add the aforementioned hashtag. Find the poster app here! Not familiar with the app? Check this post.

First wave winners:
Maja Gabryelska
Patrik Žák
Asja Bedić
Lucie Horáková
Maciej Waskiałło
Martin Egresi
Filip Avramov
Guillermo Molvert
Dušan Kollár
David Růt
The winners should get in touch via email at